Traditional Argentine empanadas

Pipí Cucú is result of the friendship between Jason Larsen and Andres Moccero, developed over many sessions coaching junior rugby at Noosa and infused with a common  passion for rugby, friends and great food.

Pipí Cucú  is traditional Argentine empanadas, yummy, delicious empanadas.

The empanada is to Argentina what the baguette is to France, Pizza to the Italians or tapas in Spain. In Argentina people buy empanadas by the dozens as a quick and simple takeaway meal or on special occasions like football or rugby evenings. Empanadas go hand in hand with friends and family.

We honour this gastronomic icon by using the best, healthiest ingredients which we try to source locally when possible.







empanada |em-pə-ˈnä-də |

NOUN A Spanish or Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savoury ingredients and baked or fried.The name comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.

ORIGIN early 16th cent.: Spanish, from empanar, wrap with bread.